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Give Grief a Voice Project

In speaking with families who have lost young children, we realized how important it is to listen to their story and to assure parents that their little one will be remembered always. Even at various stages of grieving the loss of a child, it can be very difficult to articulate the memories and things that made your child special. The emotional support of providing an outlet and a sense of permanence to the story of who their child was and the process of grieving is immense and powerful.

With these things in mind, we launched a special project in 2019, Give Grief a Voice. We engage professional writers and artists to capture stories of the child and present the family with a unique piece of art as a gift. 

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Amanda on Always Andy's Mom Podcast

Amanda was recently interviewed on the Always Andy’s Mom podcast. She talked about Hudson, how she got the idea for the Give Grief A Voice Project, and much more. Listen to the episode below or on your favorite podcast app.

6th Annual Golf Tournament

Buzzys Bees Golf Event

COME ONE, COME ALL! The 6th Annual Buzzy’s Golf Tournament is coming to town on Saturday, June 4th.  There is fun for all ages with a 18 hole par-3 competition in the morning and then our traditional mini-golf tournament and luncheon party.

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Child Loss

6 Years Ago

Six years ago today on this very day, May 21st, 2016, I buried my 13-month-old son Hudson. Today I graduate from Pacific University with my Bachelor of Social Work. In an alternate universe, the 2016 burial would have never happened and subsequently, I would not walk across a stage receiving my degree. However, it is

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GGAV Stories & Art

He Was Happy

We took a family trip around Thanksgiving a few months before he died. My parents had joined us for the holiday and we have so many pictures and memories of that weekend, it’s one of our favorites.

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GGAV Stories & Art

Finding Penelope Bay

On the six-month anniversary of her death, we spent a whole day making a bamboo raft out of natural materials we found on the beach around us. We covered the raft with hibiscus flowers.

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About Buzzy's

In the wake of unexpectedly losing our amazing boy in 2016, we have been blessed beyond words with both financial and emotional support. Even with prudent planning, there is no way we could have fully prepared for such a loss.

Our mission is simple: to help other parents in our position receive that same level of support. Each year we have been able to consistently award financial gifts to grieving families and provide emotional support to countless others.

– Nate, Amanda, Calvin & Brooklyn Drews

Financial Gifts

Each year Buzzy’s awards financial gifts to grieving families to assist with the variety of expenses that arise following the unexpected loss of a child.

Get Involved

We have large and small roles available in planning and executing our mission and various fundraising events.