Bond of understanding that leads us to one another

The community of families who grieve the loss of a child spans the globe.  Each experience is unique, but there is a bond of understanding that leads us to one another.  We are grateful to have made connections with others who have had a little one gone too soon.  We can share comfort and resources for how to make it each day.  We are inspired by how some are making a big difference in the aftermath of painful loss.

We met Elisha Palmer after a web search on child loss and discovering her blog, Spaces Between You.  She and her family launched Knox Blocks Foundation in honor of their son, Knox.  Owlets, socks worn by infants while they sleep to alert parents and caregivers to changes in respiration, are made available to families at no cost.  Though half a continent away, we were able to team up to offer four families in Iowa our Give Grief a Voice experience in 2020. 

It is a privilege to know Elisha and the work of Knox Blocks.  She is a wonderful ambassador for Buzzy’s Bees, as well.  Her recent Facebook post explains Give Grief a Voice so very well.  Thank you, Elisha.