Buzzy’s Bees turns 5

Buzzy’s Bees has turned 5!  On January 22, 2017, our mission was officially launched with a gala event. We were hopeful and optimistic that we could reach families who had unexpectedly lost a child with some needed resources. In these five short years Buzzy’s Bees has expanded and includes an important program, Give Grief a Voice. Families are able to share the story of their lost little one with a professional writer and select an artist to create a meaningful, lasting work of art representing the story and child. An adult peer support group, DUBS, is on its way from concept to reality.

Buzzy's Bees Gala Event Downtown Portland

Through the efforts of a dynamic group of volunteers who have generously shared their skills and the support of those who are inspired by Buzzy’s Bees’ mission, we are growing in our outreach.  And we are eager to continue to provide more families emotional and financial support and make progress in influencing the change of grief culture at the unexpected loss of a young child.

We are making available a card that can be included in an information rack. The colorful 4” x 9” card has information on both sides that tells about Buzzy’s Bees and gives our contact information.  We invite anyone interested, especially if you have connections to an organization or business where they might be displayed, to request a supply to share liberally.  

To make a request, email Kelly Tilford at with the quantity you wish and your mailing address. And as always, be certain to share the news about Buzzy’s Bees with those you know.