Give Grief A Voice Project

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About the Project

The Give Grief a Voice project provides families who have lost a young child an artistic representation of their child’s life. More than 30 families have participated so far, and we are looking for additional families who would like to participate. Buzzy’s Bees fundraises to cover all costs for the writing and art – there is no charge to the participating families.

The process involves the collaboration of a professional writer and artist who create their child’s legacy through artistic expression. We bring a writer to listen to and record each family’s story, then commission an artist to turn their words into a piece of art that the family keeps.

The project’s primary purpose is to help families who have experienced the death of a young child, but the secondary goal is to help anyone who reads these stories learn how to better support the grieving people in their own lives. Ultimately, we hope to publish all of the stories alongside the artwork in a book.M

2020 GGAV Recap

How The Project Began

Weeks after my son Hudson died, I sat down with a writer and family friend. I wanted her to help me organize all the thoughts and feelings that were swirling through my brain. The story she edited for me, written in my own words and from my own perspective, was a treasure. Its significance grew as my mourning turned to grief. When I got the idea to start Buzzy’s Bees, I knew the story was a great way to introduce Hudson to everyone who wanted to learn more about him and about me. Through my work for Buzzy’s Bees, I’ve met other parents who are grieving the death of a child. In speaking with these families, I’ve come to realize how important it is to listen to their story and assure them that their little one will be always be remembered. Then I got an idea. What if Buzzy’s Bees hired professional writers to record each family’s story, then hired professional artists to turn those words into a piece of art each family got to keep? With that, the Give Grief a Voice Project was born.

First Annual GGAV Event

View photos and a recap of the first annual Give Grief A Voice art exhibition and benefit that took place on October 19, 2019 at Cerulean Winery in Portland, Oregon.

Would You Like to Tell Your Story?

We continue to receive overwhelming feedback that this project is very meaningful as families grieve. We accept applications year round and typically identify and meet with parents from January through May each calendar year .