Introducing Board Member Nicole Smith

Buzzy's Bees Board Member Nicole Smith

We are pleased to introduce Nicole Smith as our newest Buzzy’s Bees board member. Nicole joined us in May. In her professional life, she serves as Program Coordinator at Oregon Cremation. Her perspective as one who serves those who have recently lost a loved one adds an important dimension to our board. When we asked her to tell us a bit about herself, she shared some fun information. It is helpful for you to know we posed some specific questions as you continue to read about Nicole, in her own words.

“If I were a book character, I would be Atticus Finch. I have always had an adoration for Mr. Finch after reading To Kill a Mockingbird. I identify with Atticus Finch because he fought for the rights of others, taught his children important life lessons, and always held his head high where justice was needed. I am someone who has been an advocate for others as early as I can remember, so ensuring folk’s rights are not infringed upon or standing up for someone who is being accused of something they did not actually do. I am that person to help fight for their rights.”

“When I was five, I knew that I wanted to be a librarian. I was so fascinated with reading and going to the library to pick up those next few books to read. I loved that the library was such a quiet place and a place where people seemed to be enjoying themselves and others. I wanted to be a part of an atmosphere that felt so warm and welcoming and also to be able to access all the books I could ever dream of…. Oh, I also believed that librarians had to be the smartest people on earth, so that was a draw at the time, too.”

“I am not a huge chain restaurant fan, because with my vegan lifestyle, most chains do not provide a variety of vegan options. If I have to choose one though, I would say Burgerville. They’ve got a very tasty vegan milkshake and I am one who melts at the sight of ice cream. I also think it’s great because the chain is Pacific Northwest-based, so a little piece of local is tied in.”

Nicole has already impacted our “hands-on” board with her work on our Give Grief a Voice, Communications, and Golf Event committees. She has also connected us with a few families who could benefit from our grant program. We are happy to have her join us formally in pursuit of the Buzzy’s Bees mission.