Colors of the Sunset

All of our children have a color we associate with them. Evelyn is coral pink because that was the main color of her nursery. James is yellow because after the miscarriage I received many bouquets all with bright yellow tulips. Lilian is purple, even though she will tell you that her favorite color is blue. We’re lucky because when we look at a sunset, we can see our children saying hello from heaven.

Colors of the Sunset

Yellow is Your Color

You sent so many signs to us during those first months when things were so hard and when we needed it the most. Little bits of yellow here and there. The rest of our family saw them too in butterflies or birds. I planted a garden for you and decorated it with a yellow stone that says “This Little Light of Mine,” and scattered sunflower seeds around it. It’s all for you, Brooke.

The Photographs

I didn’t want to take any photos without Bella, but my friends insisted. In the photo I am standing next to my son who has the biggest smile on his face and my hair is blowing in the wind. The beach is behind us and the sun is above. And somehow in the sunshine, there is an outline of Bella with a sunbeam shining down on my face.

Buzzy’s Bees turns 5

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Grieving Families Remember and Include Their Child in a special way during the holidays

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Honoring a child at christmas who has passed