Thank you Volunteers & donors

Thank you donors and volunteers

Our hearts ache with each family that is experiencing the loss of a young child.  We acknowledge that grief is present for months and years. There is always a space at the table and in the family photo where this child should be. 

One way to acknowledge and remember a child is with a gift in memory of a little one.  In 2021 these children were remembered with gifts in their memory:

Hudson Drews
Hattie Grace
Brooke Racheal Marsh
Garron Martin
Lincoln McCormick
Molly Smith

We do have an amazing “hive” of people who make the mission of Buzzy’s Bees possible.  Contributions of time, services, special skills, and generous gifts created the opportunity for us to extend our reach to 8 families with financial gifts and 13 others with story and art in 2021.

We humbly recognize you and thank you:

Anna Abdon
Omar Akileh
Josh Baggenstos and Jennifer Bischoff
Raymond Benfield
Charlyene Blazey
Trisha Blue
Julie Bracamontes
Tara Broyhill
John Buford
Dan Cable
Amy Calkins
Michael Carlson
Justin Carroll and Keren Rosenblum
Travis and Alexandria Causey
Central Catholic girl’s volleyball team
Joy Cha
Ruth Cheong
Rebecca Christian
Artavia Cleveland
Sarah Coakley
Annie Cole
Caitlin Collins
Allie Compton
Sara Cotto
Toby and Meg Craig
Rhonda Crennan
Megan DeSalvo
Dick Cat Candles
Katherine Dietz
Gaby Donnell
Michelle Dornfeld
Christie Dorst
Jason and Amy Drews, Carson and Hadley
Michael and Janice Drews
Nate and Amanda Drews, Calvin
Nathan Drews – M25 Advisors
Ron and Julie Drews
Sonja Duddington
Ben Dunlap
Edge One Media
John and Jill Erb
Feathermoon Macrame
Vienna Fields
Dianna Fontes
Rob Foreman
Adrienne Foster
Suzy Fulton
Melissa Galbraith
Cathy Gerber
Angie Gordon
Therese Granfelt
Shawn Green
Teresa Greeno
Malini Gupta
H Bakers LLC
Karen Haines
Hands On Portland
Lexi Harrington
Brent Haugen
Kelsey Hazzard
Marie Henry
Kellie Hines
Janet Hogan
Amanda House
Abbie Howell
Mark and Thea Hronec
Rebecca Hronec
Dan Humphreys
Alyssa Hursey
Carly Itami
Natalie James
Heather Jeide
Kurt and Mary Jernstrom
Jessica Johns
Amber Johnston
Vince Jones-Dixon
Loubna Kekhia
Beth Kinsolving
Ryan and Dena Klein
Gina Klem
Josh Knutson – The Ridge Chiropractic Wellness Clinic
Lisa Komer
Gina Kornfiend
Kristin Ratten Content Services
Amy Kutzkey – Oak Hills Tax and Accounting
Christina Larsen
Andrew Lavrinovich
Donna Leathers
Lois Linnemann
David Livengood
Anne Livingston
Bill Lohrberg
Jim and Lori Lohrberg
John Lohrberg and Amy Peck
Tom and Lisa Lombard
Rebecca Lucas
Bonnie Mailey
Malaina Kinne Photography
Wendy Markt
Michael and Lori Marsh
Aubrey Martin – Martin Family Real Estate
McKenna Marvin
Adrian Massie
Nan Massie
Kevin and April McCormick
Jason and Rachel McDuffee
Sarah McKearnan
Pauline Mead
Shosh Meyer
Elsa Meza
Danielle Montgomery
Navis Pack & Ship
Sarah Nelson
Allyson Nophsker
Kris Oshyn
Anjelica Padilla
Shannon Paladini
Linea Palmisano
Jason and Rosemary Pang
David and Nancy Petrie
Stephanie Policar
MedConnect Pro
Nick Pullman
Ben Randolph
Denise Reitmeier
Lisa Reitmeier
Dr. Gerald and Arlene Rich
Marc and Susan Rothe
Antonio and Rebecca Rufin
Megan Russell
Saint Cupcake of Portland
Sarah Schaff
Aaron and Julie Schneider
John and Mary Scritsmier
Diana Shiro
Frances Sittig
Andrew Smidt
Chris and Mahnie Smith
Nicole Smith
Melanie Steele
Deborah Stein
Sunnyside Little Chapel of the Chimes
James and Risa Tarkinton
Lea K Tawd
Laura Thompson-Aue
Thrivent Action Teams
Thrivent Charitable Impact and Investing
Camilla Tilford
Kelly Tilford and Amy Chambers
Michael Tilford
Esteban and Christina Torres
Patricia Torres
Tina Turner
Zach and Jean Uphold
Ashley Vail
Kathryn Vaughan
Von Ebert Brewing
Michelle Vorwerk
Rev. Ray and Judy Waetjen
Erin Walsh
Jacquelyn Walter – Translating Insurance
Tegan Waring
Robin Watrous
Jason Weitz
Robin Welch
Rae Weston
Bill and Gwen White
Nicholas White
Raymond Whiteman
Amy Wiedemann
Dick and Sue Wiegand – Wiegand Associates
Jennifer & Rhionna Wilson
Nancy Wollmuth
Anonymous (10)