Forgiveness Is Required

We’re not experts on grief. Experience is a teacher, though. And when grappling with all the emotions and grasping for a way to manage grief, even a little, we can learn from others. Especially if the others have traveled a similar journey.

Perhaps that is why his message from “Timber Jim” Serrill from April 9, 2016, TEDx Portland gives us some gems to remember. In the talk, he speaks about anger. He recalls his parents’ requirement that he and his brother never go to bed on their anger. He reflects that anger can be destructive, or when channeled peacefully can be a force for good. Think Martin Luther King, Jr. and Gandhi.

Jim reported he was no stranger to challenges and pain, losses, and failures. But “crushing grief and rage” came after his daughter, age 17, was killed instantly in an automobile accident. He recalls his
“crucible moment” – a decision point. His anger could be destructive or be fuel to spread love. Forgiveness, an act of grace, provided the healing power to act. It’s required to make a difference.

His choice to grow rather than rage destructively has resulted in much good in the Portland area and as far away as Africa. He lives what he learned. “Spread the Love” was his way through. It’s our hope and goal, too.

View his TEDx talk below and to read an OPB article on Soccer Icon Timber Jim click here.