Giving Tuesday

Giving Tuesday

Today is Giving Tuesday, as you have no doubt heard.  Any day is great for supporting the causes that matter to you, but this one is given a lot of attention and press.  It has been a challenging year and as the last month of 2020 begins, there is another opportunity to give.  You may be wondering how you can do more.  

We understand. You see, we hear from families who have just had the worst year, month, week of their life. They have lost a child. There was no warning. One day their joy was yanked out from under them and they were left with empty arms and breaking hearts. It can feel very lonely and overwhelming. 

We can listen and respond with a grant that in a small way helps them navigate the road ahead.  The funds we have provided have helped families with medical expenses or to purchase a headstone. Sometimes the need is for everyday expenses such as groceries. A bed with too many memories attached can be replaced. The needs vary.

We do not have a huge treasure chest to share. But because we wanted our grant recipients to have complete discretion over how to acquire what they need in their specific situation to ease their unique burden, Buzzy’s Bees applied to be among the small number of nonprofit organizations that can raise money to give money directly. Every donor makes a difference as we continue to help families in need.

There is an abundance of worthy causes you will notice reaching out today.  As you contemplate what you are able and wanting to do, know that we are thankful for everyone who joins us to provide help for grieving families.