Griever’s Library

When experiencing grief, or when someone in your life has been bereaved, it can be difficult to find books and resources on how to care for yourself and others.The texts may not cover the specific loss being experienced, or may be too overwhelming to take in, or may simply be too hard to find. We at Buzzy’s Bees want to acknowledge and promote the work of the Griever’s Library, a volunteer-run organization that seeks to solve this exact problem. 

The Griever’s Library was established in Seattle, Washington by Pamela Belyea, a bereaved mother who wanted to help others find resources to support them through their grief. As stated in their mission:

The anguish of grief is often dismissed, isolated, and misunderstood by our “get-over-it-already” culture. Yet grief can persist for a lifetime and grievers need compassion and meaningful resources to find their way to healing and renewal hence our goal to provide free books for comfort, information, inspiration–and hope!

As of 2024, The Griever’s Library has several book boxes around the Seattle area where grieving individuals can find books on grief for free. For those not in the area however, the Griever’s Library’s website has a variety of wonderful resources that help grievers and their wider community find support.

In their Global Griever’s Library section, they have a carefully curated selection of grief books compiled from over 10,000 public libraries, all divided into different subcategories – such as grief support for others, bereaved parent: child loss, bereaved sibling, etc.– so bereaved individuals can easily find the resources they need to support their unique experience. Clicking on these categories will take you to the WorldCat global database, where a selection of books are available to peruse. Should a book interest you, the database will provide you with information on how to acquire the book.

Sometimes, however, trying to read an entire book can feel overwhelming for a bereaved individual. The Griever’s Library has a solution to this as well with their EZReads section. While this portion of their website is still under construction as of 2024, it still provides a wealth of information with various subcategories like their Global Library. Rather than an entire book however, the EZReads Library consists of short and easy to read excerpts on grief from experts that are more digestible than larger texts.

We would like to extend our deepest gratitude to the Griever’s Library for creating such a wonderful resource that reminds us all that we don’t have to walk the path of grief alone.