In Honor of Keli & Brixx

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Keli & Brixx In honor of Domestic Violence Month

On September 23, 2021, an article was released sharing the painful story of the death of a 34-year-old Mississippi woman named Keli, who died alongside her 7-month-old son named Brixx, due to domestic violence. Keli was in the process of breaking off the relationship with her boyfriend and father of her son by having a protective order put in place.  

Two weeks prior to the murder of Keli and Brixx, the father broke into her home and beat up Keli in order to kidnap Brixx. Keli had called the police during this encounter. On that call, one could hear the abuser threatening her to not have the cops show up or something worse could happen. 

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Just as child loss tends to be a taboo topic for our society, domestic violence is not a subject we discuss comfortably. At Buzzy’s Bees, we have as part of our mission the goal of “changing the grief culture surrounding the unexpected loss of a child.”  Sadly, children are often a way abusers attempt to gain control of a situation, especially when a woman tries to leave an abusive relationship. 

In the case of Keli and Brixx, the police eventually compromised with the abuser in order to return Brixx to his mother.  However, the police did not arrest him or hold him for mental health examinations. Unfortunately, this is a very common outcome after an act of domestic violence. The tragic loss of life for both Brixx and his mother was the result in this situation.  

We must talk about it. 

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