Inspired by Generosity

“Give sorrow words; the grief that does not speak knits up the o’er-fraught heart and bids it break.” 

William Shakespeare

These words from Shakespeare lend support to the mission of Buzzy’s Bees to “…change the grief culture surrounding the unexpected loss of a child.”  Please continue to speak the names of beloved, lost ones. As you reflect and remember you may be moved to make a contribution in their memory.  We humbly received gifts in 2022 in memory of the following individuals:

Talia Bradley
Ellie Carmichael
Aiden Preston Causey
Hudson Drews
Ruby Lakoduk
Brooke Racheal Marsh
Garron Martin
Theodore McBride

Brynn McMeen
Emilio Mendler
Amy Moore
Lucila Aviña de Morales
Amelia Bea Randolph
Hadley Wren Whiting

As we reach out to families whose hearts are breaking to offer resources, to ease a financial burden, to listen and make space to “give sorrow words” we cherish the partnership of many people.

We are a small, volunteer-driven organization so the time and talent and generous donations of our supporters is essential. We are inspired and encouraged by those moved to share Buzzy’s Bees mission. Your efforts and contributions make it possible to carry on. 

Our heartfelt thanks to the following donors, contributors, and volunteers:

Omar Akileh
Ancora Wellness
Becky Anderson
Ardiri Winery
Sophie Baker
Mel Banders
Lee Bartholomew
Pamela Belyea
Bench Craft Company
Raymond Benfield
Blue Hazel Tree
Shallay Booker
Brooke Borcherding
Nico Bos
Pam Bradley
Kaitlyn Brewer
Tara Broyhill
Solvig Carmichael
Justin Carroll and Keren Rosenblum
Keenan Causey
Travis and Alexandria Causey
Joy Cha
Pat Clayton
Marissa Coleman
Caitlin Collins
Country Financial – The Britton Agency
Rhonda Crennan
Juliane Cross
Megan DeSalvo
Christie Dorst
Jason and Amy Drews
Nate and Amanda Drews
Ron and Julie Drews
Knox Duncan
Ben Dunlap
Fancy That – Lisa Komer
Wendy Fargo
Feathermoon Macrame
Dianna Fontes
Sarah Gamber
Blair and Anita Garland
Deborah Gehrke
Therese Granfelt
Sheila Gray
Brittany Hal
Kristin Harper
Toby and Beth Harrington

Sandra Harvey
Janice Kirstein
Ryan and Dena Klein
Gina Kornfeind
Amy Kutzkey
Shawn Larsen-Bright
Lee & Hayes – Brett Schlameus
Left Mind Media – Jason Weitz
Lesley Moundeaux
Melissa Lindsay
David Livengood
James Lohrberg
John Lohrberg and Amy Peck
Rebecca Lucas
M25 Advisors – Nathan Drews
Sarah Malarkey
Michael and Lori Marsh
Martin Family Real Estate
Maxwell Financial Group
Jessica McBride
Jason McDuffee
Katie McMeen
MedConnect Pro – Dawn Peront
Natali Mendler
Shosh Meyer
Elsa Meza
Caroline Miceli
Navis Pack & Ship
Janet Hogan
Rebecca Hronec
Abby Ismath
Kurt and Mary Jernstrom
Jessica Johns
Mindy Johnston
Loubna Kekhia
Emilia Kirstein
Crispin Heidel-Habluetzel
Oscar Hicks
Jillianne Hill
Kellie Hines
Oak Hill Tax and Accounting
Claudia Ortiz
Kristen Oshyn
Brenda Palmer
Mark and Elisha Palmer
Linea Palmisan

Jason and Rosemary Pang
Dani Paquin
David and Nancy Petrie
Stephanie Policar
Donna Primmer
Ben and Tricia Randolph
Lisa Reitmemer
Shelby Reynolds
Dr. Gerald and Arlene Rich
Krista Rider
Marc and Susan Rothe
Megan Russell
Heather Sadler
Sarah Schaff
Brett and Alison Schlameus
Aaron and Julie Schneider
Rachel Schneider
John and Mary Scritsmier
Karen Seong
Robert and Teresa Sherman
Smashed – Ashley Schlaefli
Andrew and Winifred Smidt
Andrew Smidt
Chris and Mahnie Smith
Vanessa Smith
Patricia Snyder
Aremy Stewart
Pearlyn Tan
Lea K Tawd
Mike Thomas
Thrivent Action Teams
Thrivent Charitable
Kelly Tilford
Michael Tilford
Patricia Torres
Translating Insurance
Tina Turner
Ashley Vail
Jen Vickers
Trina Vockert
Dr. Michelle Vorwerk
Judy Waetjen
Karen Wegner
Nicholas White
Scott White
Dick and Sue Wiegand