Introducing Artist Lea K. Tawd

This week we introduce artist Lea K. Tawd.  She describes her work and her experience creating for Buzzy’s Bees.  She began to work with Give Grief a Voice in 2020.  Join us in welcoming Lea to our group of talented artists.

“I am a mixed media artist, Reiki Master, creativity coach and author of “Creativity Unstuck: a toolbox for making more art.”  It sounds like a lot, but all those things work so well together!  My artwork is an illustrative, mixed media exploration of the divine feminine.  I use Reiki energy healing to help me connect with the Muse and to infuse my work with healing.  I usually paint on wood panels, and I love to let the wood shine through as the skin tone of my figures.    

I have just begun working with Buzzy’s Bees, but I already find it so gratifying.  To be honest, I was worried that it would be emotionally overwhelming despite my training and work in helping others to heal.  But while I feel so much empathy as a mother and as a sensitive person, I also was immediately inspired artistically.  Once an image comes to me, it takes over everything else.  The driving force of inspiration, a pouring out of emotion, and the deep hope that my work can bring some small comfort to a grieving family has me looking forward to doing much more of this work in the future.  It also has me looking more closely at some of my own loss and grieving and wondering how that will come through in my future artwork.” 

Lea K. Tawd
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