Introducing our newest Buzzy’s team member

Emeila Bio

We are delighted to announce the addition of Emilia Kirstein to the Buzzy’s Bees team.

Emilia joined us in June of 2022 as the newsletter editor.  In her words she “…fell hard in love with the organization.”  

Emilia now assists in managing some of the behind the scenes work as GGaV Program Administrator and Communications Coordinator.  Her range of responsibilities includes outreach to Give Grief a Voice families and alumni as well as providing program and event support.  Additionally, she is helping coordinate a number of communications channels, including the quarterly newsletter, GoogleAds, and website content.

Emilia lives in Seattle, WA (right across the street from fellow Buzzy’s team member Julie!) with her family and cat. In her spare time, Emilia loves taking nature walks, getting dessert with friends, and curling up in a warm sweater with a good book. 

In another life, Emilia thinks she might have been an author. She’s still working on that in this life.