Thank You to the Satterberg Foundation

Those of you who have been keeping an eye on Buzzy’s Bees this past year are probably aware of our gallery tour around Oregon displaying reproductions of the priceless pieces made for the Give Grief a Voice project. Through the course of our tour, we have been able to spread our mission of revolutionizing grief culture from its tradition of silence and solitude to one of voice and community, by bringing our work out into the community itself. Thank you to everyone who stopped by our exhibits at the Northeast Community Center, The Historic Alberta House, the Wilsonville Public Library, the West Linn Public Library, the Brookwood Public Library, and the Northwest Mothers Milk Bank to pause and reflect and honor the lives of the children our project is founded in memory of.

As 2023 begins to draw to its end, we at Buzzy’s have been beginning to think about spreading our wings and continuing to share our pieces with the public, possibly on a farther geographic area than we have previously. Expanding the tour in this manner, however, requires a lot of support. 

We are pleased to announce that this past Spring, Buzzy’s Bees had the honor of receiving a $30k grant from the Satterberg Foundation. This grant was awarded to us to support the outreach, storytelling, and community building of our Give Grief a Voice project – much of this will be with the continuation and expansion of our gallery tour. With this generous grant, we will be able to travel farther with our pieces, print our reproductions on durable metal bases, and more! 

The Satterberg Foundation is a family-led organization dedicated to strengthening communities by promoting a just society and sustainable environment. The foundation was founded back in the 1990s in Seattle, when the family saw a need to support their community and protect their environment in any way they could. Since then, they have partnered with over 1,000 nonprofits and granted millions of dollars in support.

We know that each person we touch with the Give Grief a Voice project through our outreach and programs is bringing us closer to seeing real change in grief culture. A huge thank you to the Satterberg Foundation for your support!