The Buzzy’s Bees Team Grows

We are delighted to announce the expansion of Alex Causey’s role on the Buzzy’s Bees team. As our new Financial Gifts Program Coordinator, Alex will assist behind the scenes to keep things running smoothly. This program has seen incredible growth in 2023 with the number of gifts distributed (24!) more than double that of the previous year. Having a dedicated person employed to keep things rolling will be so very valuable.

Alex joined us in June of 2021 as a golf event volunteer and has continued to serve as a volunteer in several capacities. She helped develop DUBS (Dedicated Universal Bereavement Support) The DUBS acronym is also a nickname for her son Aiden who died of SUDC in 2018 at age three and a half.. In 2022 she and her husband were participants in the Give Grief a Voice project.  “I am excited to dive deeper with Buzzy’s, and help others along their grief journey, as Buzzy’s has helped on mine.”

Alex lives in Beaverton, OR with her two kids and husband Travis. In her spare time, Alex likes to homeschool her kids, garden, or grab a coffee and curl up with a cheesy romance novel.

The Give Grief a Voice Gallery Tour is in its third season. Beginning in a community center and libraries as well as an exhibit at the Northwest Mothers Milk Bank in the Portland area, the tour has made its way to EvergreenHealth Medical Center in Kirkland, WA. In pursuit of our mission to support grieving people, new venues for the Gallery Tour are being explored. We are grateful for the skills that Abraham Schroeder brings to the team to find and secure sites as the California Gallery Tour Coordinator.

Additionally, Abraham is serving as Publishing Consultant as we seek to find an outlet for the Give Grief a Voice book. The book is a compilation of the stories and art from the five seasons of Give Grief a Voice, and we believe there is a need and a place for it in the hands of a wider audience.

Abraham has a background in art and museums, and works freelance in graphic design and publishing. In addition to helping other people make books he has two published picture books of his own, The Gentleman Bat and Too Many Tables. He lives in Petaluma, California with his family and two cats.

New to her role as Director of Operations, but not new to Buzzy’s Bees, is Nancy Petrie. She has been a volunteer with Buzzy’s Bees from the beginning. Nancy has committed to supporting the mission in various ways through the years in memory of her grandson, Hudson. She brings with her experiences from two careers – education leadership and financial planning. Now retired from professional pursuits, she appreciates the Buzzy’s Bees team of dedicated volunteers and continues to be inspired by them to participate where she can be helpful.  As Buzzy’s Bees has grown, the need for some operational focus presented an opportunity for Nancy to bring her list-making, coordinating, and communicating tendencies to the team.

Retirement has not been boring for Nancy. She doesn’t claim to be creative but calls herself a “maker” – fabric and yarn are her medium. She and her husband, Dave, are experimenting with being snowbirds between Oregon and Arizona. She is always game for a travel adventure. It is spending time with her “kids” and grandkids that really fills her heart with joy.